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LifeCare Devices Private Limited: 1986-
LifeCare’s journey saving and enhancing lives began in 1986 in Cardiac Anesthesia, Cardio-Vascular, Cancer, and orthopedic surgical devices. The demand for implants for cancer patients and for other medical specialties became a proving ground resulting in LifeCare’s specialization in dental implants and related devices utilized by the dental profession.
It quickly became apparent that dental implants revolutionized the practice of dentistry and that untold millions of patients world-wide would take advantage of their benefits to enchance quality of life and often, life-span itself.
In 1989-90 LifeCare introduced the IMZ implant system in India. Soon LifeCare realized that many dentists lacked current information required to perform implant dentistry and also include bone enhancement (augmentation and regeneration) techniques in patient care. Today this is still true, though to a lesser extent. Therefore LifeCare originated a plan to take dentists out of the country to prime sources for training and at the same time institute hands-on courses throughout India. Thus began LifeCare’s journey, into education, and the formation of LifeCare Continuing Education. Today, several esteemed Indian implantologists are proud to say they trained with LifeCare Continuing Education.
In 1992, LifeCare introduced the first at-home tooth whitening system with Opalescence and a range of esthetic dentistry products. LifeCare is proud that thousands of dentists were trained.
In 1995 LifeCare gave up all its other products to focus on Dental implants and Bone Regeneration.
It has been an exciting 16 years of bringing dental implantology within the reach of the average patient. It was LifeCare that introduced the first under Rs.3,000 implant in 1996, the EZ Hi-Tec implant; a US-FDA, CE-,ISO-9002, EN-14001 certified Implant System. The US-FDA certificate was granted in 1994.
In 1997, EZ Hi-Tec was the first company in the world to introduce the Transitional Implant. The transitional implant concept has since evolved to clinically proven “Long-term Mini Implants,” placed in certain clinical situations for long-term use.
In 2000, EZ Hi-Tec started developing a One-Piece Implant concept, originally thought of by its founder Director Mr. Ruumi Daruwalla. Named the TRX-OP, this one–piece system with a built–on abutment was introduced following extensive clinical trials.
In 1997, LifeCare introduced ATR Physiodispensers in India. ATR’s unique features made it an immediate absolute favorite. The latest is ATR’s low-priced Model 2000 PLUS which has all the high end features including a 20:1 Implant Dentistry contra angle and variable speed control. ATR gave LifeCare the great honor of launching this new model in India first, before its world–wide release.
The guiding principles of LifeCare have always been to introduce products that are user friendly, predictable and NOT technique sensitive. The concept of LifeCare is to provide a one-stop solution for your needs in Implant Dentistry.
These guiding principles led us to two great product lines to help solve certain current difficulties. First LifeCare selected the Endopore Implant System, introducing it in India in 1999. Sinus lifts and Subantral elevation and augmentation and implant placement are all too often integral to each other. The Endopore System is very easy to utilize. Implant placement is simplified. Endopore’s unique Implant interface, sintered diffusion – bonded microspheres, enable the use of shorter implants as well as less ideal bone density. Professor Lang of the University of Berne states that the two systems in the world today with the finest and longest clinical data validation are the Branemark and Endopore Systems.
Next LifeCare reintroduced Geistlich’s Bio-Oss and Bio-Gide in 2004. Easy to utilize, they have a predictable almost 100 % success rate in bone regeneration. They are the industry “gold standard”.
Stoma instruments Germany is without doubt the world leader in instrumentation for Implant Dentistry. Osteotomes, sinus lifts sets and many others are available from LifeCare.
Ultrasonic Bone Surgery (UBS) is the ultimate dream machine for dental implantologists to cut bone, to spread narrow bone in thin ridges, for sinus lifts, bone harvesting and other procedures. UBS is the newest and a revolutionary addition to LifeCare’s armamentarium for the dental implantologist.
LifeCare is now going global. The first overseas office will commence service in Singapore in January 2006. Remember, one-stop for your Implant Dentistry requirements.
LifeCare is totally committed to Dental Implantology and its advancement for the benefit of the clinician and the patient.
LifeCare Continuing Education is totally committed to provide state-of-the-art educational opportunities to synergize the unbeatable combination of well trained practitioners utilizing valid, predictable, certified implant systems and associated armamentaria.
Our Vision:
LifeCare Devices Private Limited would like to be a World class Company offering the most valued services with specific products catering to specialised requirements of the Health Care Industry, with a highly talented & empowered team of employees.
Our Mission:
• To be the preferred source of the most Innovative Products & Services to the end Customer in Health care Industry.
• To be the most preferred customer for manufacturers of Devices & Products for the Health Care markets.
• To be seen as the best service provider who empowers clinicians to deliver predictable results.
• To be seen as the most valued employer in the private sector in the Health Care Markets, providing an ethical, empowered & creative environment for    its employees.
Our Strategies:
• Explore and grow aggressively in current markets of Cardiology, Orthopedics & Dental Implants.
• Grow in adjacent Market segments aggressively.
Empower employees through ethical & creative environment and by providing training implement metrics driven performance based growth    plans.
• To explore unsatisfied market needs and create growth opportunities with new and innovative products.
• To continue to sustain existing business with education based marketing programs.
• To explore and implement cost optimization program to reduce operational costs.
• To improve product portfolio enabling long term stability.
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